Prepare the Way

December 9, 2018
While we spend much time in earthly preparations for holidays and many things - how much do we prepare the way of our Lord into our lives and our hearts?


November 25, 2018
This world lives by Pilate's words, "What is truth?" BUT we as Christians MUST know, without doubt, the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. That ABSOLUTE TRUTH is JESUS CHRIST, ALL that He has…

A Matter of the Heart

November 11, 2018
In this world the outward is worshiped and obsessed over - it leads to such self-aggrandizement and self-centeredness. Jesus shows us in today's Scripture that what matters - what is…

The Utter Difference

October 21, 2018
The Gospel of Christ and the community of God are directly opposite of the messages and ways of this world. We have to see God's expectations and ways and stand…