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The Utter Difference

October 21, 2018
The Gospel of Christ and the community of God are directly opposite of the messages and ways of this world. We have to see God's expectations and ways and stand…
What do we put our most value in? What is REALLY our number one priority? This is an essential question for every Christian with ONE ALL-IMPORTANT answer!

How Do You Come Jesus?

October 7, 2018
Children are the perfect example in so many ways of how we must approach, how we must live and trust in our Lord. Jesus' words tell us this so powerfully…

Our Duty to Christ

September 30, 2018
Father Don preached today on the importance of following Christ Jesus completely, with a pure heart and a right vision.

The Monstrous Sin of Pride

September 23, 2018
Pride - this human flaw and sin permeates our lives, our culture, and these verses in the Gospel today. This is the original and an eternal sin, from it flows…

Where is Your Mind Set?

September 16, 2018
Do we keep our minds on God? That is a question we must ask ourselves each day - where our thoughts are is a crucial question. Do we have our…

God’s Power & Openness

September 9, 2018
Humility and Boldness - This is the way we should approach our Lord. We MUST know our place before Him, know His love and generosity for us and approach Him…

Where is Your Heart?

September 2, 2018
Where do our hearts really lie? Are our hearts truly focused on God? When we read and truly listen to our Lord's words we see where they should lie -…

The Body of Christ

August 26, 2018
The Controversy of Jesus is truly a BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL thing! Hi is the ONE and ONLY great radical in this world and His work is the only One's that…