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Fr. Barry Preaches on the concept of service as the disciples lived and the challenge God has for us in our daily life.
Our God is the God of the now.

Serving God, Not Ourselves

January 25, 2015
Fr Barry preaches on Jonah’s experience and upon Jesus’ calling of the first disciples for all of us to look at how we are called and how we serve God.…

Come And See

January 18, 2015
Fr Barry has a discussion of John 1:43-51, and challenge to our church to be the disciples we are called to be and to do as the first disciples showed…

Our Place In Relation to God

January 11, 2015
Fr Barry Montgomery, in his first sermon at Christ the Redeemer, preaches on how we relate to God, and our place in his overall plan.   Drawing heavily on John…

Hope And a Future

January 4, 2015
Have you ever wondered what the “so what” was about Christianity? This week Deacon Sheri talks about the “so what” in her sermon. What’s the big deal? Listen and see.
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