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While Israel expected one kind of Messiah, God knew what Israel and humanity really needed. God’s unexpected and brilliant movements brought the world the Savior we truly need and His…

Message of the Candy Cane

December 24, 2015
The candy cane is a common piece of candy and regardless of whatever its real origins may be, this simple candy contains numerous illustrations to remind us of our Lord…

No Sermon

December 20, 2015
There was no sermon during the Dec 20th, 2015 service.  This was because the place of the sermon was taken with a children’s play.

The Joy of Christ

December 13, 2015
We examine the contrast in tones of John’s preaching in Luke with Zephaniah’s song of joy. The contrast ties together and highlights the joy to found in Jesus and how…
In examining John 15:11-19 we look at the beautiful and generous friendship that Jesus offers us and the nature of that intimate relationship with our Lord. This is far more…
From a politically powerful post the Ethiopian eunuch found out what true power is. Phillip the evangelist learns that God operates way outside the box!!

Seeing is Believing

April 12, 2015
Fr Barry looks at the person of Thomas the Apostle and Jesus’ interaction with him and, ultimately, with us. Jesus knew what the disciples and Thomas needed for belief and…

Easter Sunday 2015

April 5, 2015
Father Barry preaches the sermon on one of the greatest days – Jesus’ conquering of death.
Father Don preaches the Great Vigil Sermon. It is only by God’s power that we can be saved. It is only by his call that we can hear.
Many different crowds surrounded Jesus at his crucifixion – which one describes you? (Good Friday 2015 Sermon)