This page will allow you to listen to an audio file of the weekly sermons by the Christ the Redeemer church clergy. You can download the sermons manually and listen to them in anything that will play an mp3 file.

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Who is Jesus Christ?

July 17, 2016
There is no better description of who Jesus Christ is than these nine verses from Paul's letter to the Colossian church. In looking at what these verses tell us we…

Who is my Neighbor?

July 10, 2016
In today's hyper-divided world where it seems everyone looks for a group to be in and to find every reason why they are different and should be special opposed to…
Jesus had twelve close disciples, who would later become apostles to the entire world. But todays lesson is reserved for those other 70 who were sent out as lambs before…
As we follow Jesus' movement to Jerusalem He shows us as He engages with 3 different persons what it means to truly follow Him. There is a depth to Jesus'…
As we examine Jesus' authority to calm the storm and to cast out a legion of demons from a possessed man we see how great is His power and authority…
When Jesus was invited to dinner at Simon the Pharisee's home, the self-righteous Pharisee thought he was going to catch Jesus in some way; what happened was Jesus showed all…
Jesus knows your every care: a faithless friend; a sad bereavement; a slanderous reproach; a dark foreboding; bodily pain; poverty; persecution; contempt. Over each of these trials our Lord has…
The Roman Centurion who asked, though a Gentile in the occupying forces of the region, Jesus to heal his sick slave is an amazing example of the faith we as…
Jesus explained to His apostles that He would send them a helper, the One we know as the Holy Spirit. The words of our Lord tell us much more than…

Power from on High

May 15, 2016
Father Don preached on the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  God sent the Holy Spirit to empower the church to proclaim the gospel to the whole world.

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