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Triumphal Entry

April 14, 2019
This powerful event is the beginning of Holy Week and with everything that our Lord Jesus Christ did, there are many important lessons in what He does on this day!

The Wicked Tenants

April 7, 2019
We have ALL rebelled against God - its in our fallen human nature. This is important to see as we examine the allegory and parable of the Wicked Tenants.


March 10, 2019
As we begin Lent is essential that we take this time to properly grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus - an essential part of this is to harshly…

Be Holy

March 6, 2019
Our lives SHOULD be a pursuit of God's Holiness - we should strive to focus on God not ourselves, be humble as Jesus was and PRAY as we grow and…
The Transfiguration is possible the MOST complete revelation of Jesus Christ during His Holy life. This is an event that was and is meant to speak to those present at…

God’s Economy

February 24, 2019
In Jesus' Sermon on the Plain we see Him show us God's views verses man's views, Jesus is teaching to bring us to see by God's eyes and to free…

At Your Word

February 10, 2019
Jesus reveals Himself to us often in personal and individual ways, in today's gospel we see this in His calling of Peter. Peter's response shows us how we MUST respond…

The Revelation of Jesus

January 27, 2019
Understanding Who Jesus is is the MOST crucial thing in ALL of existence - We MUST know Him as LORD, as GOD, as MESSIAH, as our SAVIOR and our CREATOR!!

Do Whatever He Tells You!!

January 20, 2019
Jesus' first miracle at the wedding in Cana shows us many important things about how our Lord works and gives us examples of how we should live.
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